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President’s Corner

This website is one of the several projects the present set of officers has initiated in connection with the 20th year anniversary celebration of the National Prosecutors League of the Philippines (NPLP) on March 11-13, 2008 at the historic Manila Hotel.

Founded in March 1988, the NPLP is a non-stock, non sectarian and non-political organization with the following objectives;

  1. To promote a respectable, honest, competent, efficient, and effective prosecution service;
  2. To foster and maintain an independent fearless and upright prosecution arm of the country, and to keep enthusiastically alive in the mind of each government prosecutor that is one of his primordial duties to assist in the prompt dispensation of justice to every man without fear or favor, not that the prosecutor shall always with a case, but the justice shall be done, so that the guilty shall not escape, and the innocent suffer, punishment;
  3. To assist the Government in every way possible in securing and maintaining the trust and confidence of the people in our democratic way of administering justice and in helping bring the facilities of our courts within the reach of everyone, rich or poor;
  4. To take active interest in proposing and working for the enactment of progressive jurisprudence on criminal law, criminal procedure and evidence;
  5. To promote the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding among its members;
  6. To work for the common welfare and mutual interest of the members and enhance their physical, intellectual and socio-economic well-being; and
  7. to extend moral, spiritual and financial aid to its members and immediate families, and, in consonance thereto, may establish a mutual fund.

The first election of officers was held inside the NBI Gym, Taft Ave., Manila on March 24, 1988. Provincial Prosecutor Mauro M. Castro of Rizal was its 1st president. PP Castro held the position until June 1994. He was replaced by Baguio City Prosecutor Erdolfo Balajadia who held the position for one term or until April of 1996. After CP Balajadia, ACP Ferrer Co of Manila held the position for 10 years or until August 2006. I replaced ACP Ferrer Co, and I assumed the presidency when I took my oath before Secretary Raul M. Gonzalez on September 21, 2006.

From its modest beginning some twenty (20) years ago, the association has become what it is today-a potent partner of the Department of Justice in the effective administration of justice. This is aside from its effective and positive response in extending moral and financial aid to its members.

With a bit of nostalgia, I look back at our simple and inauspicious beginnings and I cannot help but admire with some sense of reverence the resultant achievements of each successive administration.

Today I am proud as president to state that the association is as strong and vibrant as ever – a tribute to the unity, cohesiveness and unselfish dedication of its officers and members. The misunderstanding between the officers in the recent past has made us more resolved to strengthen the organization even more.

After 20 years, we have come to realize that it takes more than just the element of time to build a strong organization. It is our perseverance and perhaps our love for our country that have defined our character as an organization. These values that guide our actions will ultimately serve as the foundation to fulfill our mission.

And since today we live in a dynamic society we shall endeavor to keep the public abreast of the current issues affecting our justice system through this website. This way we can attain further our objectives.

This website will contain important resolution of the Department of Justice, DOJ Orders, Memoranda, and other announcements affecting prosecutors and the public. It will also have a directory of NPLP members.



PLP 25th National Convention on April 10-12, 2013

10 Dec 2012

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